Visual Technology in day-to-day life

Photography, printing, augmented reality, virtual reality and video are a part of Visual Technology.

Today people spend a lot of quality time trying to figure out what’s going on in their vicinity with the help of technology. Visual Technology comes to aid when trying to find a solution to reach from one point to another. The world of technology is progressing in leaps and bounds and the internet has immensely evolved with the advent of higher bandwidth, cloud computing, real time data and mobile devices that facilitate visual capture at any moment of time. Images, videos, reels (thanks to social media), are changing the way people express their thoughts and daily activities. Gone are the days when you used to email your pal sharing your holiday details. Today your Facebook or Instagram updates give an in-depth glimpse into your life and adventures.

Even consulting a doctor has become convenient. You can just take a picture of your hurting eye and the Ophthalmologist can advise you on the medication and immediate treatment.

Understanding Visual Technology

The technology that captures, organises, learns from, filters or distributes visual content for individuals, entrepreneurs or businesses is known as Visual Technology.

A glance around and we will realise that Visual Technology is focused across various business sectors as well as humanity. Industries such as Advertising, Healthcare, Publishing, Retail, autonomous cars etc., all are driven by Visual Technology. Let us look into the arena of self-driven cars.  These cars would not exist without many cameras in and around the car letting us know where the pedestrians are, where other vehicles are, where the curb is, and what the speed of the car.

Visual Technology rejuvenating Education

With technology now progressing to the next level, education is no longer just limited to textbook learning. Smart learning tools are in and are definitely effective in taking education to the next level. Augmented reality (AR), 3D printing, virtual reality and cloud computing are giving education a smart and innovative spin.

Let us take a sneak peek into a few learning tools based on Visual Technology…

Augmented Reality (AR) – Innovations like Google Glass and Pokemon Go have already started the revolution in the education industry. AR is a step to bridge the gap between virtual and real worlds. It will eventually enable academicians to visualise 3D models in real time, in a real environment and projected to realistic scales.

3D Printing – This has taken learning to the next level. This technology has emerged as an important addition in any ‘smart’ classroom. Students will now not be restricted by the same old ways of perceiving objects and concepts; rather they can print a 3D model of almost anything to understand it better. A visual explanation always has a better understanding.

Cloud Computing – Everybody is talking about and using cloud computing these days. In education cloud computing not only makes learning fun; it also improves the technical skills of the students. It’s now goodbye to expensive hardware and software and a warm welcome to visual technology.

Digital Screens – Bidding adieu to the traditional blackboards and whiteboards in the classroom, digital screens have now stepped in. From visual and aural to logical and tactile, the smart screens now cater to a wide range of learning styles and are delivering the interactive educational experience.

Game Based Learning – Today’s generation is fast moving. Students now live in the world of smartphones, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.To cater to this fast paced generation, educational institutes will soon abandon the traditional style of teaching and completely adapt to  visual technology education style of teaching. In this context, gamification will play a major role. This refers to employing a style of education which will make learning fun for Gen Z and will be teamed with games that need creativity and brainstorming; thus, taking learning to the next level.

Visual Technology in Business

The audio-visual technology is playing a vital role in saving businesses and is growing substantially; this growth will present immense potential for taking the business to the next level. The high-quality A/V systems are already becoming more affordable, which places them within the reach of the small to medium-sized business today.

Some of the Visual Technologies that aid in business growth are Plasma displays and teleconferencing equipment. This technology helps to let distance come in way of business. Infact today with Visual Technology, you can feel as though you are in Sydney with your trading partner with a clear and crisp picture quality at a business meeting done remotely through video conferencing. Today, the teleconferencing equipment can also be integrated with mobile devices so you can meet, greet and exchange business on the go, anytime…anywhere!

Visual Technology is becoming an important part of our lives. It not only helps to communicate visually but also helps us to lead an interesting and safer life. At times it challenges our mundane lives and thereafter brings newness and innovation in our day-to-day living.